Consumer ferrofluid is $200+ a liter so many people try to DIY it and make the stuff at home but it’s not easy. After failing to replicate various online recipes for DIY ferrofluid, Braniac75 figured it out on his own: 1 part iron oxide powder, 1 part “clinging” synthetic motor oil, some stirring/mixing and you’ve got homemade ferrofluid at your disposal. Add a dangerously powerful magnet that’s capable of crushing your fingers into ground meat to the mix and you’re ready for fun.

Wanna try ferrofluid yourself but don’t want to pay the premium price? In this video I show you how to make your own very easily and cheaply! I couldn’t get the common DIY recipes found online to work well but in desperation found another way through my own experiments. I call it ferripaste since it isn’t as fluid as the commercial stuff – but that only makes it even more interesting to play with. It will behave in a more varying ways to a magnet than just spikes like the ferrofluid. Hope you can use it to make you own amazing ferripaste experiments 🙂


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