Ikea can be very tricky to shop. Nestled between flimsy particle board furniture that’s ready to self destruct at the mere sight of water and items that require so much assembly that a trip to the local maker-space might actually save you time are great deals on great design pieces that are built to last.

The newly released Odger chair is one such piece. In the chair Ikea has combined classic design with durable yet sustainable materials and low-effort construction. The chair is reminiscent of the Eames molded chair with its rounded edges and bowl-shaped seat and it fits the contemporary Scandinavian minimalist design scheme perfectly.

The Odger chair is available in brownbeige and blue and retails for $75, it is constructed from 30 percent recycled wood and at least 55 percent recycled plastic. Design studio Form Us With Love spent several years designing the chair and its assembly method; a seat that clips into the chair’s base and locks in place with a set of latches, no tools required.



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