Outdoor equipment is expensive, so shopping used gear is a great way to get outfitted without going broke. Trolling Craigslist for deals on used outdoor gear can be a drag though. Now there are a better options. This week REI rolled out an experimental used gear online store. Everything from men’s and women’s clothing to packs, tents and cycling gear can be snatched up for great prices.

REI’s announcement comes on the heels of Patagonia’s Worn Wear used apparel program, which became more widely available earlier this fall. It quickly went out of stock the first go around, but is now going strong with plenty of inventory.

Here’s how REI’s program works. When customers return a piece of gear, REI will inspect it and if it’s suitable for resale it will be listed on the used gear store. Everything on the store gets a grade – like new, lightly worn, moderately worn, or well worn. Pricing follows accordingly.

Perusing the store, there are some killer deals to be had. Of course, everything in the Used Gear store is sold as is with no warranty—a consideration when buying outdoor gear. There is still a 30-day return period though which helps.

If you’re a brick and mortar REI shopper, don’t worry this doesn’t replace the members-only Garage Sales REI stores are famous for. Those will continue as normal.



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