This past Sunday I spent my morning on my bike drawing a big circle around Denver and when I got home I sat on the floor with my daughter while we played with her plastic workshop and kitchen. Sitting on the floor with tired legs, I realized that I really needed something comfy and supportive to sit on. This collaboration between Casper and Target couldn’t be more timely.

Back in May, Target announced that it was investing $75 million in Casper – the direct-to-consumer mattress-in-a-box company. Target, in turn, started stocking Casper products in their stores and online. In addition to the standard Casper offerings there are also some Target exclusives lined up.

There is a bi-layer foam mattress pad ($195), designed for college dorms, and a convertible lounger ($120). The lounger is what caught my eye. The cozy looking chair is 72 inches long and can be used as a floor seat when fully folded, a lounger and even as a nap mat when fully extended. It looks like post-ride play time might be getting a little more comfy.


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