There are all kinds of fasteners available that can solve just about every fastening need. Screws and nails can get most jobs done, but when you want your project to have an invisible joint glue and a lot of clamps have been the only option. The Invis Mx from Lamello, howeverm can join to pieces of wood with contact-less screws. Yeah, I am talking about a screw that never touches the screwdriver.

There is one well known invisible force capable of moving objects, magnets. The Invis Mx is the first fastener that is completely invisible, and can still be fastened and unfastened with ease, unlike glue. The Invis uses a special two part screwing system that requires a male end to be driven into one piece of material and a female end to be driven into another. To fasten the two pieces together, a special driver is used to spin the male end using only magnetic fields.

The Invis MX2 Starter Kit runs $565, expensive but hardly out of the ballpark when it comes to woodworking tools. Fasteners are where the real cost shows up, a 20 pack will set you back $144.


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